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The highest quality at the lowest price is the Brecknell way. Seeing the name Brecknell on a high-quality price computing scale like the new PC30 or PC60 should come as no surprise. What will surprise you is the remarkably affordable price. With the PC series, Brecknell Scale has taken weighing technology to a new level to offer an unbeatable package to farmers market vendors to candy shop retailers everywhere. The scale is constructed of ABS plastic with adjustable leveling feet and built in leveling bubble. The operator keys are Tare, zero, unit conversion, 6 direct plu's, 50 indirect plu's, X2, X4, and clear. The displays show Unit weight, unit price, and total price. The backlight is programmable for power saving. The scale displays weight in kilograms, pounds and ounces.

Brecknell PC-30

Trade approved capacities for any application -- whatever you want to weigh, from candies to premium delicatessen products, the PC series delivers the capacity and resolution you need. From 30 pounds to 60 pounds in a choice of resolutions to meet your needs – with NTEP CoC #11-116 Class III legal for trade approvals to suit the state inspector. This scale even shows weight and prices in ounces and kilgrams too. The PC30 has a 480 ounce capacity with readability of 0.2 oz. The PC60 scale has a 960 oz capacity and readability of 0.5 ounces. The scale operates on standard AC power or the built in rechargeable battery which has a standard operating time of approximately 70 hours without backlight or about 35 hours with backlight. The 11.8" x 9" platter is a high quality stainless steel material. The standard operating temperature that the manufacturer recommends is 14° F to 104° F.

Feature - 6 Price look up hot keys

Display - Viewable front and rear

Accuracy - NTEP @ 3,000 divisions, Class lll

Construction - ABS plastic base with clear plastic cover and stainless steel top platter

Units: kg, lb, oz
Display Viewable front and rear
Power AC or Battery standard
Feature 6 Price look up hot keys
Operator Keys Units, tare, accumulation, PLU, zero, tare, X2, X4
Accuracy NTEP @ 3,000 divisions, Class lll
Capacity 15 kg / 30 lb / 480 oz OR 30 kg / 60 lb / 960 oz
Construction ABS plastic base with clear plastic cover and stainless steel top platter


Part No
15 kg x 0.005 kg / 30 lb x 0.01 lb / 480 oz x 0.2 oz
11.8" x 9"
30 kg x 0.01 kg / 60 lb x 0.02 lb / 960 oz x 0.5 oz
11.8" x 9"


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