Rechargeable Battery or Flashlight Batteries?

Should I buy a price computing scale with built in rechargeable battery or should I buy a price computing scale with replaceable “C” or “D” flashlight batteries?  The choice is really up to you.  The advantage of the internal rechargeable battery is convenience.  Just plug your scale up the night before you plan to take it to the market and it should work great all day out at the market or farm.  Disadvantage is, eventually the battery is going to stop working and will have to be replaced.  To replace a battery is normally not too difficult nor expensive.  So this may be a great way to go.

You can also buy a price computing scale that takes six “D” batteries.  In most cases you can use regular alkaline batteries.  Battery life will depend on how long you use the scale, if you have “auto off” turned on, and if you are using backlight function.  You can buy rechargeable “D” batteries w/ an external charger as well.

The choice is really up to the end user.  Both versions of scales are popular and both generally work well.  The main goal should probably be to choose a price computing scale that is within your budget, has the features you desire, and has a good reputation.

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