Commercial Scales for the Farmers Market Can Cost over $400

Legal for Trade Commercial scales can cost well over $400, but if you do a little research, you won’t pay near that much for a set of high quality farmers market scales.  Yes, you could get away with using a set of “household” scales, either hanging or digital, but that is ultimately not the way to establish trust and legitimacy with your customer who is buying produce from you.

Do some research and buy a legal for trade price computing scale that can be certified by the state.  In most states it is a requirement.  However, sometimes due to budget restraints and manpower, merchants get the idea that they can get away with not purchasing a legal for trade scale.  Sometimes every now and then you hear comments from sellers of fruit and vegetables who sell produce at farmers markets, that they don’t worry about bending the rules of the State Weights and Measures Department.  The thought process basically being, “we are not a priority for the Department of Agriculture.”  Need proof, take a look at the article below

On most summer Saturdays, the Florence-Lauderdale Farmers Market is packed with vendors, but market manager Thurston Harper fears a state crackdown will prevent many farmers from selling at the market. An inspector from the Alabama Department of Agriculture visited the market in late May to test the accuracy of scales farmers use to weigh fruits and vegetables. Harper said the inspector told farmers they must begin using scales certified for commercial use.  Read more

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