Price Per Ounce Scales

There aren’t too many better ways to cool off from the intense summer heat than to stop at the local frozen yogurt shop for a cup of ice cold frozen yogurt. Whether your frozen yogurt choice is vanilla or chocolate, or some kind of a combination of flavors or toppings, frozen yogurt is a great way to cool off and relax for a few minutes on a hot day. However, for frozen yogurt shop owners there are are some discrepancies when it comes to charging customers for the frozen yogurt. Do you charge customers a flat rate based on the size frozen yogurt they order? If so, how do you determine what a “small” yogurt contains? How much yogurt is in a “large” cup? You could be giving away product using this practice. Or, you could charge for your frozen yogurt by the ounce using a frozen yogurt scale. The fair way and most profitable way is to weigh the frozen yogurt cup and charge customers by the ounce for their frozen yogurt purchase. The customer then pays you a certain dollar amount per ounce.

This is actually pretty easy to accomplish. First, do your homework and determine what price per ounce you wish to charge your customers in order to make a profit. Next, you’ll want to purchase at least two legal for trade price computing scales that display weight in ounces for each frozen yogurt shop since the weight of the items is imperative to your operation. If one scale was to fail for some reason, you would have another in place. And with the two scales in place, you can now charge customers for their frozen yogurt and get paid dollars per ounce. You simply fill up the cup with frozen yogurt, place it on the scale and obtain your price per ounce. Now if a customer or an employee adds more or less yogurt to a “medium” cup, the customer is paying for what they get.

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