Setting the Auto-Off Feature on the RS-130

In the past we have gotten quite a few people asking, how difficult is it to set the auto-off feature on the Rice Lake RS-130 price computing scale. So we figured we would show you. Not too bad at all. Please note, work inside scale enclosure is not required to change this feature.

1. Turn on the scale and press and hold the CHANGE key until 6.3 (version) shows in the WEIGHT display (approximately three seconds).
2. Press and hold the ZERO key until the WEIGHT display shows SEtUP (approx. three seconds).
3. Press the 3 key, WEIGHT display shows USUAL.
4. Press the 2 key to enter the Auto-Off mode. WEIGHT display shows -30- (minutes).
5. Use the CLEAR key to select -30-, -15-, -5-,-OFF-.
6. Press the CHANGE key to confirm setting.
Scale will automatically restart and you’ve now changed your auto-off function. Remember this is for the RS130 scale.

Now is the Time to Check Out and Fix Up Your Scale

This month is a great time to take out your old faithful price computing scale and give it a good work out.  Plug it in and make sure it powers up and charges if it has a battery.  It might even be a good idea to order a spare battery to prepare for the spring.  Make sure all the buttons on the keypad work.  This is especially important if you type in prices per pound using the number keys.  Make sure the displays work on both front and back so that you and your customer are not “in the dark”. 

Finally, take a look at the selection of price computing scales currently available this winter.  You may find a deal too good to pass on.  Plus, you can always use a good backup unit or add a second scale to your produce stand so that your customers are able to purchase produce from you as fast as ever.

Capacity and Readability

What capacity do I need?  My old scale had a 30 lb capacity, do I need a 30 lb capacity on my new model?  What does the 0.01 lb mean? 

These are just a few of the questions that folks ask when purchasing a retail price computing scale.  Basically, the easiest thing to do is determine what is the typical weight amount you are going to be weighing.  For most people that amount usually falls well below 30 pounds.  However, there are times when you may need a Continue reading

Dual Range Capacity Price Computing Scale

CAS S2000JR60L NTEP legal for trade 60 lb. price computing scale features AC and rechargeable battery power, serial port, LCD display and is ideal weighing choice for everything from fudge and chocolate shoppes selling candy by the pound to local farmers market produce stands selling vegetables and fruit by the price per pound. Continue reading

Display Choices? LCD, LED, VFD. What do I choose?

Scales like the Avery Berkel FX50 have features such as programmable auto power-off and back-light display mode which are ideal when using the internal rechargeable battery. But what if I don’t need a battery. What display choices are available?

Currently, the majority of price computing scales in the marketplace feature an LCD (liquid crystal display). This is also a user friendly display for battery life. Many of these LCD scales feature a backlight which can be turned on/off. The backlight will consume much more battery life when used.  The CAS S2000 JR features an LCD display and Continue reading

Put an end to guessing weights and prices.

Take the guess work out of pricing with the Detecto DS series price computing scale. Designed for portable use with a built-in rechargeable battery pack, the DS series is ideal for deli’s, bakeries, candy and coffee shops, convenience stores, produce markets, hardware stores and more.

The built-in rechargeable battery supply not only monitors the battery life, but also recharges the battery while the scale is in operation ensuring no unexpected “down time”. Pressing the PrePack key, after the unit price has been entered, retains that price for repetitive price-computing making the operator’s job even more simple.

Adjustable, nonskid feet and internal bubble level ensure steady weighing. The smooth Continue reading

Hanging Produce scales are a thing of the past

If you stop and think about it, you’ve seen them at the farmer’s market, the deli, even the grocery store. Digital Produce scales that allow vendors to easily weigh their fruits and vegetables and charge their customers by the pound. In the past, many of these produce scales were mechanical hanging scales. But lately, more and more farmer’s market vendors are choosing digital produce scales for the market. Why? Because they’re relatively inexpensive, are battery powered, and provide the cost per Continue reading

Coffee, tea, chocolate, candy, bakery, vegetable scales

Retail business is fast changing, highly competitive, and needs outstanding solutions. Ohaus Retail products were developed by experienced Retail experts who understand your needs. Ohaus Retail product portfolio offers a complete range of products for every. The products provide the best price performance ratio in the market, ready to support businesses in many different segments:

– Vegetable and grocery stores
– Farmer’s markets
– Grocery stores
– Chocolate and Candy shops
– Coffee and tea specialty shops (coffee, tea, confectionery)
– Bakery and pastry shops
– In store self-service locations
– Convenience stores
– Contract food service

Ohaus RE retail price computing scales  offer a special rugged construction, are ideal for portable use and advanced Continue reading

Price calculating scale in ounces

RS130 price computing scale

RS130 price computing scale

Very few retail price computing scales on the market can boast of having all the features of the Rice Lake RS-130 digital price computing scale. This RS130 retail scale is of course NTEP legal for trade. But what sets this scale apart is the fact that it displays weight in pounds. It displays weight in kilograms. Finally, it displays weight in ounces. By the way, did we mention it also can calculate customer change? The RS-130 from Rice Lake packs a powerful punch and is ideal for a farmer’s market stand, chocolate shoppe or produce stand. The scale can operate on standard AC power or the built in rechargeable battery.

RS130 Standard Features
• NTEP-certified, Legal-for-Trade 30lbs x 0.01 lbs
• Customer display on rear of unit
• Compact design makes it easy to transport
• Switchable between lb’s, kg’s, or oz’s Continue reading

A Farmer’s Market Must have

30 lb farmers market scale

30 lb farmers market scale

Farmer’s Markets across the country have come to love the Ohaus RE series digital price computing scale with 30 pound max capacity.  Ohaus RE15US Price Computing Scales are an attractive and low profile scale that meets most weighing needs for the cost conscious retailer. The Ohaus precision load cell gives superior reliability and complete accuracy with every use. Battery power makes the RE15US 30 lb. scale highly versatile and portable. Application areas include mobile businesses, fruits & vegetables, meats & cheese, delicatessens, confectionary, coffee & tea, portion control, and many more! The Ohaus RE15US is easy to install, easy to operate, easy to clean and requires minimum maintenance…everything you want in a retail price computing scale with 30 pound capacity. The Ohaus RE15US legal for trade scale is the ideal choice for almost all vegetable, fruit or seafood weighing applications, perfect for weighing produce like — strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes or even chocolate! Continue reading