New Detecto D Series Scale Hits The Market!

Detecto D SeriesRetail scales are used in bakeries, coffee shops, produce markets, delis, convenience stores, and hardware stores worldwide.   Detecto’s legal for trade price computing scales provide a fast, simple weighing solution.

Offering versatility and a range of functions, Detecto’s price computing scales are equipped to handle every weighing situation through a single machine. Detecto’s coffee counter scales lead the industry in convenience and reliability. Recently Detecto announced they are replacing the DS Series scales with the new D Series scales.

The new Detecto D series price computing scale offers up to 99 easy-to-add PLUs (price look ups) for fast reference (14 direct quick keys and 85 indirect PLUs). The D series displays Weight, Unit Price, and Total Price on the front and rear backlit LCDs (up to six 0.5-in/13-mm high digits) for both the operator and customer to view simultaneously. The scale offers a dual power source of rechargeable battery pack and 110/120VAC 50/60 Hz adapter (included) for reliable use at farmers markets, delis, bakeries, candy and coffee shops, convenience stores, produce markets, and hardware stores.

Other exciting features of the Detecto D Series includes Auto Shut-off, Sleep, and Backlight Off modes extend the retail scale’s battery life. The NTEP legal-for-trade scale’s Pre-Pack key saves time by retaining the Unit Price and Tare for repetitive price computing, making the operator’s job even faster. Features adjustable, nonskid feet and bubble level.