5 Reasons You should Buy Scales from a Local Dealer instead of a Website

Today we’re going to discuss the advantages for buying your legal for trade scales from a local scale company versus buying scales off a website. Of course, the internet is no longer this mystical thing that feels brand new. It’s been around for decades. Folks are getting more comfortable with buying things off it every day.

But, there are still some things that offer a better buying experience by working with an actual human being. So, below are five reasons you should buy scales from a local dealer instead of a website.

rice lake rs-160 computing scale with tower display

#1 Personalized Service

Buying from a local scale company may provide you with the opportunity to receive personalized service and support, such as buying advice on which scale is best for your particular needs and possibly even receive a demo on how to use the scale.

#2 Convenience

This one can be a plus or minus, depending on your perspective. Buying from a local dealer may be more convenient for you, as you can easily visit the scale company to see and try out the scales in person before making a purchase.

#3 Warranty and Repair Services

A local scale company usually offers a warranty and repair service for the scales they sell, which can be helpful if you have any issues with your scale in the near future. If you purchase a scale from a website, sometimes that can lead to a lot of frustration and finger pointing if you ever have any repair issues.

#4 Supporting the Local Economy

Purchasing your price computing scale from a local scale company supports small businesses in your community, which can have a positive impact on the local economy. Doing this can help keep a local sales person working and/or a scale technician working.

#5 Reducing Shipping Costs

Buying your retail scale from a local scale dealer may reduce the cost of shipping, as you can pick up the scale at the store rather than paying for delivery. This can vary from scale company to scale company since technically somebody has to pay to get that scale shipped from the factory to the scale company facility.

Ultimately you the consumer need to research what features you want or need in a produce scale. You can do a lot of that on your own. You can also learn a lot from an experienced scale sales person. Many folks buy scales from their local scale company and occasionally from the online scale seller that they trust. Sometimes having a couple of different sources for your scales is not a bad thing.

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