Product Spotlight: CAS s2000jr

The CAS S-2000JR is a NTEP legal for trade price computing scale for direct sale of commodities in stores such as supermarkets, delicatessens and groceries. The S2000JR has proven to be a top of the line fully featured retail price computing scale. The Model S2000 Jr. is available in several different configurations, they include dual range capacities for better accuracy and two display configurations, LCD or VFD. The scale is also one of the very few computing scales that has the ounces unit. With the built in rechargeable battery, you can easily use the scale indoors or take it to the farmers market or produce stand. S2000JR features display on both operator and customer side and is NTEP approved legal for trade. Connect with the optional label printer for a complete weighing system. This scale has quietly become an industry benchmark for basic retail computing scales in the United States market place. When choosing the proper scale for your needs, you will need to answer three simple questions.

#1   What display do I want? VFD or LCD
VFD is green digits with black background. LCD is black digits with gray background. Battery power comes standard on both, but battery lasts much longer on LCD models.

#2   Do I want a Pole Display?
Pole display which faces both operator & consumer is available for either VFD or LCD models. (You can not add a pole later)

#3   What maximum weight am I going to be weighing?
Max capacities include 15 lb, 30 lb or 60 lb.

And once you answer those questions you are ready to order your scale.  Of course you can also choose to add a label printer or receipt printer if you wish. The S2000jr really is a nice value for the average consumer in the marketplace looking for an affordable and reliable commercial scale.

New And Improved S2000Jr’s

After listening to your requests, CAS Corporation has added new features to the S2000 Jr Price Computing Scale for 2011 available now at the same low price as always. The new version of S2000 JR’s now available include the following features:

  • Weigh items in pounds, kilograms, or ounces
  • 36 direct speed keys added to pole models
  • VFD models now equipped with a rechargeable battery
  • Optional DEP-50 Receipt Printer now works with S2KJR

Now is the Time to Check Out and Fix Up Your Scale

This month is a great time to take out your old faithful price computing scale and give it a good work out.  Plug it in and make sure it powers up and charges if it has a battery.  It might even be a good idea to order a spare battery to prepare for the spring.  Make sure all the buttons on the keypad work.  This is especially important if you type in prices per pound using the number keys.  Make sure the displays work on both front and back so that you and your customer are not “in the dark”. 

Finally, take a look at the selection of price computing scales currently available this winter.  You may find a deal too good to pass on.  Plus, you can always use a good backup unit or add a second scale to your produce stand so that your customers are able to purchase produce from you as fast as ever.

Display Choices? LCD, LED, VFD. What do I choose?

Scales like the Avery Berkel FX50 have features such as programmable auto power-off and back-light display mode which are ideal when using the internal rechargeable battery. But what if I don’t need a battery. What display choices are available?

Currently, the majority of price computing scales in the marketplace feature an LCD (liquid crystal display). This is also a user friendly display for battery life. Many of these LCD scales feature a backlight which can be turned on/off. The backlight will consume much more battery life when used.  The CAS S2000 JR features an LCD display and Continue reading

Label Printing Ingredient Retail Scale

CAS LP-1000N Label Printing Scale

CAS LP-1000N Label Printing Scale

Take CAS’s most popular label printing retail scale, the LP-1000 series, make some improvements like allowing 4000 Price Lookups (PLU’s) and you have the new CAS LP-1000N and LP-1000NP (pole model) label printing scales. These CAS label printing retail scales are widely considered the best scale on the market today in its class. The LP1000N and LP1000NP are a feature rich, easy to use label printing scale backed by a leader in the industry, CAS corp.

With its ability to use the most popular label formats, print ingredients, includes software for your PC, the CAS LP-1000N will be perfect for delis, convenience stores, meat counter, bakery, grocery stores and more. Choice of 5 different labels. These CAS LP-1000N label printing retail price computing scales are available from Central Carolina Scale out of Sanford, NC.

Cost effective label printing scale

Retail Price Computing Scale

Retail Price Computing Scale

CAS Corporation model S-2000Jr. is a general purpose price computing scale for direct sale of commodities in stores such as: supermarkets, delicatessens and groceries. The Model S2000 Jr. price computing scale is available in several different configurations, they include three multi-interval capacities and two display configurations. This scale has an eternal lb/kg conversion switch. The scale has dual markings and the lb/kg switch changes enunciators for proper indications. Tare weight may be entered using: platter tare, key board tare and tare programmed with a PLU.

The scale features a choice of LCD or VFD Displays, Stainless Steel Platter, 1/2lb And 1/4lb Keys where allowed, 3 Direct PLU’s & 199 Indirect PLU’s and choice of Optional Pole Display. The S2000JR also includes an RS-232C serial port for interfacing to the DLP-50 label printer.
RS-232C Interface.

When it comes to displays for the CAS S2000JR scale, VFD is green digits with black background. LCD is black digits with gray background. Battery power is available with LCD models but is NOT available with VFD models. Max capacities include 15 lb, 30 lb or 60 lb in either VFD or Continue reading