Overview of how to use the RS-130 retail scale

The RS-130 retail price computing scale is a very nice digital scale for a candy shop or produce stand. The scale is great for an outdoor farmers market since the RS130 can also calculate change. The RS-130 retail scale offers practical solutions for a full range of point-of-sale weighing and price computing applications. It is also one of only a handful of legal for trade retail price computing scales that uses the ounces unit of measure. Its compact design makes it easy to transport and the customer display on the rear of the RS-130 offers extra convenience.

Standard features of the RS-130 include:
• NTEP-certified Legal-For-Trade
• Customer display on rear of unit
• Operates on 110 VAC or 6V internal battery
• Configurable for lb, kg or oz
• Calculates customer change

The battery has 100+ hours of use before it needs recharging. When the battery is low, the TOTAL $ display shows -LO- and there is a continuous beep.
Press the CLEAR key to remove -LO- and end the beep. After the initial warning of low battery, the scale has aproximately two to three hours of battery life left. Allow eight to ten hours to fully charge.

AUTO-OFF FEATURE (helps save battery life)
1. Turn on the scale and press and hold the CHANGE key until 6.3 (version) shows in the WEIGHT display (approximately three seconds).
2. Press and hold the ZERO key until the WEIGHT display shows SEtUP (approx. three seconds).
3. Press the 3 key, WEIGHT display shows USUAL.
4. Press the 2 key to enter the Auto-Off mode. WEIGHT display shows -30- (minutes).
5. Use the CLEAR key to select -30-, -15-, -5-,-OFF-.
6. Press the CHANGE key to confirm setting.  Scale will automatically restart. Continue reading