Five Reasons it’s Important to Use a Legal for Trade Scale When Selling Produce to Customers

Today we’re going to list (5) reasons why it’s important to use a legal for trade scale when selling produce to customers. In most states, you’re required to do so. But, it really just makes good sense. So, when you see some price computing scale on a popular website and it costs less than $100. Chances are that scale is not legal for trade and has no CoC #.

legal for trade scale with coc #

To Ensure Fair Pricing

Let’s face it, using a legal for trade scale helps to ensure that customers are charged the correct price for the produce they purchase. A certified scale should make both the seller and the buyer feel confident in what they’re paying and receiving.

To Comply with Regulations

In many jurisdictions, it is required by law to use a legal for trade scale when selling produce to customers. And, often the state weights and measures department will come around to the various markets and test your scales for accuracy.

To Protect your Business

This might be a stretch for a small produce seller at the farmers market, but it just makes good sense to have a NTEP certified scale with certificate of conformance number. Using a legal for trade scale can help protect your business from potential legal issues or disputes related to pricing.

Build Trust with Customers

Customers feel more confident in the fairness of your pricing if you use a legal for trade scale, which can help build trust in your business. Many customers won’t notice if you’re using a cheap scale. But, there are actually quite a few smart customers out there who know the difference between a legal for trade scale and some cheap scale you bought on an auction site for $50.


Legal for trade scales are required to meet strict accuracy standards, which can help ensure that you are accurately weighing and pricing your produce. As we mentioned earlier, both the buyer and seller should feel confident in the scale weight.

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