What are the 5 Most Important Features to Look for When Buying Price Computing Scales?

We always talk about legal for trade produce scales on this website. So today we’re going to boil it down to the top five things to look for when buying price computing scales for your local produce stand.

#1 Accuracy & Standards

The accuracy of the retail scale is important to ensure that customers are charged the correct price for the fresh produce they purchase. Look for a scale that meets NTEP legal for trade standards and has been calibrated by a local scale company and tested for accuracy on a regular basis.

#2 Scale Capacity

Consider the weight capacity of the scale and choose one that is appropriate for the produce you will be weighing. There are legal for trade scales that have 6 lb, 15 lb, 30 lb and 60 lb capacities. There are other capacities too. The point is, if you’re only weighing small pieces of candy for example, then you don’t need a 60 lb or 80 lb scale.

#3 Scale Display

Both the seller and the buyer need to be able to easily see the weight and price per ounce information. A clear, easy-to-read display (normally LCD) is important for accurately entering prices and displaying the total cost to customers.

retail price computing scale

#4 Scale Durability

You absolutely want to choose a scale that is built to withstand regular use and handling. This won’t be popular with some of you but this is where picking up the phone and actually talking with your local scale company is well worth it. They likely have lots of experience with various scale brands and can tell you what they’ve seen.

#5 User-friendly Scale

Be sure to look for a scale that is easy to use and understand, with simple controls and a straightforward interface. Good scale instructions help too. This will make it easier for you to quickly and accurately weigh and price your produce. And, it will make it easier for your employee (aka… your spouse, child, etc…) to know how to use the scale when you’re not there.

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