Setting the Auto-Off Feature on the RS-130

In the past we have gotten quite a few people asking, how difficult is it to set the auto-off feature on the Rice Lake RS-130 price computing scale. So we figured we would show you. Not too bad at all. Please note, work inside scale enclosure is not required to change this feature.

1. Turn on the scale and press and hold the CHANGE key until 6.3 (version) shows in the WEIGHT display (approximately three seconds).
2. Press and hold the ZERO key until the WEIGHT display shows SEtUP (approx. three seconds).
3. Press the 3 key, WEIGHT display shows USUAL.
4. Press the 2 key to enter the Auto-Off mode. WEIGHT display shows -30- (minutes).
5. Use the CLEAR key to select -30-, -15-, -5-,-OFF-.
6. Press the CHANGE key to confirm setting.
Scale will automatically restart and you’ve now changed your auto-off function. Remember this is for the RS130 scale.

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