Manual Tare or Keyboard Tare Feature

If you use a price computing scale, many times you may need to “tare” off the weight of a container, box, bucket, etc… Quite often, it is as simple as placing the empty container on the scale platform and pressing the “Tare” button. By pressing the “Tare” Button, you have taken the weight of the container out of the equation and you are now weighing in the “Net” mode. Place your items in the container, enter the price per pound and you’re all set. This is what they call Manual (Pushbutton) Tare. You place an empty container on the pan, then press “Tare”. The Weight display will show a net value of “0.00”, and the NET annunciator will turn on. Remove the container, and the negative value displayed will be equivalent to the Tare weight.

What if you know the weight of your container already? What if your container is full of strawberries and can’t be weighed empty? We have a solution for that too. It’s called keyboard tare or preset tare.  To perform this function, on most scales you would enter the known Tare value (up to the scale capacity, and in increments of the scale readability) via the numeric keypad, then press “Tare” button. The Weight display will show the Tare as a negative net value (with the pan empty), and the NET annunciator will turn on as the Tare weight is registered.

It is important to note that not every price computing scale offers the keyboard tare / preset tare. If this is an important feature that you need in your business, it might be a good idea to ask your salesperson if the scale you are interested in has this feature.

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