Simple Way To Clean Produce

We all need fresh produce.  It tastes good and it is good for you.  However with all the pesticides and other particles that are located on the outside of the fruits and vegetables, the benefits can be reduced or can even cause you more harm than good.  But there is an easy way to clean your produce.  Most people think running fruit under water for a few seconds gets the job done.  Not quite.

Frozen blueberries were found to have the highest organophosphate residue at 28%, with strawberries coming in at a close second at 25%.  Celery had a 19% contamination rate. How do we protect ourselves from pesticide contamination?  Here are some helpful hints.  If possible, buy local and organic.  Even if you do, make sure to still peal your fruit when you have the option. For fruits and vegetables that can’t be peeled (like strawberries and celery), make sure you wash them thoroughly.    See whole article here

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