How Do Commerical Scales Work?

Every so often we are asked a question about how do commercial weighing scales work? In the entry today we will briefly discuss how the scale operates. Normally a commercial scale would refer to a scale that you are going to use to sell goods or buy goods. So you are using the scale to determine the total cost of whatever it is you are buying or selling. If you sell fruit at a farmers market then you would need a commercial scale. If you are buying gold jewelry then you would typically need a commercial scale. In the example with gold you would probably use some kind of legal for trade balance since you don’t really need a super high capacity scale.

The commercial scale is typically either a mechanical hanging scale or a table top set of digital scales. If the scales are digital you can choose to have scales that just show the weight or you can upgrade and have a set of scales that can actually display the price per pound and the total charges. If your scale just shows weight, then all you have to do is place your items on the scale and it will show you the weight. Then it would be up to you to calculate how much the customer owes you. If you have a scale that can calculate the prices for you it is actually pretty simple to operate as well. You type the desired price per pound into the scale using the keypad. Then place the item on the scale. The scale will display the total charge. While we are talking about this topic we also are asked quite frequently for any used commercial scales for sale. Typically we don’t see too many of those available. Hopefully this entry answered some of your questions regarding scales that are used for commercial applications.

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