Model XRT Scale Keypad Functionality

keypadRecently we found a product bulletin from Mettler Toledo regarding their XRT price computing scale. The date on the paper says December 2006 but there are still quite a few of those scales still out in the marketplace.

The bulletin says that after receiving several calls and evaluating several XRT-3710 and XRT-4710 scales, the factory determined that the scales had inadvertently been programmed by the user to weigh in the “weigh only” mode. Now the “weigh only” mode of the XRT is a feature option that is accomplished by pressing the “5” key while powering the scale on. When in the “weigh only” mode, standard price computing features and corresponding keypad functionality is disabled.

To return the XRT scale to normal price computing status in the event it has been placed in “weigh only” mode, please follow these simple steps below.

  1. Hold the on/off key for 8 seconds to turn the scale off
  2. Press the “X” key while turning the scale back “on”

Following these steps will reset the scale to its full price computing mode with all corresponding keypad functions restored. As we mentioned, this is applicable to the Mettler Toledo XRT scales. We’re not sure if this same combination works with the Ohaus RE series. You may want to contact the company where you purchased the scale just to be safe. Hope this information helps you out.

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