The Strain Gauge Load Cell That’s Inside

strain gauge load cellIn just about every digital retail scale in the market place there is a strain gauge load cell that is an important component of the overall scale system. Some of the top brands of load cells include the Vishay lineup of Tedea Huntleigh, Revere Transducers, Sensortronics, and Celtron. You also have to mention some of the other brands like Rice Lake and Cardinal load cells. Finally, there are other brands that are popular with customers like Artech load cells and Transcell Technology. Now, on this site we don’t typically get too technical but we wanted to take a look at the load cell article linked below to better understand the design of the load cell in the scale.

Today I wanted to look at several of the load cell designs that are available from Cardinal. Of course, load cells convert force into an electrical signal and are a very important part of things like hanging scales, truck scales, floor scales, and many other medical or industrial weighing systems. The load cell sensor detects force and moves the strain gauge, which then measures the movement as an electrical signal that can be used to give power to the scale. Click here to read more.

Of course with the intense pressure to provide low priced certified scales for retail sellers at the market, you have to search quite a bit to find a made in the USA strain gauge load cell in a retail scale. But hopefully after reading this you better understand the small item that is inside the digital scale and helps to provide you with the actual weight of the products that you’re weighing. We should also mention if you need a replacement load cell, get in touch with us and we can provide you with buying information since we typically carry just about every kind of load cell imaginable.

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