Do You Have Anymore Mettler Toledo 8433 Scales?

We were just recently asked if we know anybody who had anymore of those Mettler Toledoâ„¢ 8433 price computing scales? This scale has been discontinued for probably ten years by now. But it doesn’t really surprise us that folks are looking for this scale. The 8433 was actually a really good scale for the money. We still see a few of these out in the field to this day. Those customers sure got their money’s worth on that purchase.

So you might be asking what takes the 8433 scales place? Well, originally it was the Tiger II. Then the factory started offering both a 30 lb and 60 lb capacity, called the Model XRT-2710 or XRT-3710. Then it was the RE15 or RE30 from Ohaus. Now today, the replacement would be the Aviator 7000.

We were fairly familiar with all these scales mentioned above. They all worked pretty well and we still see each of these at farmers markets or produce stands all the time. Of course, as the years go by each replacement model seems to have less substance to it and more plastic construction. And, the AC adapters are smaller and extremely light weight compared to some of the older adapters that literally weighed several pounds by themselves.

We wrote recently about the Aviator 7000 which is the 2014 “version” of the old 8433 scale. The Aviator 7000 is a really nice scale and has quite a few features the 8433 could only dream about.  Based on our evaluation of the scale, we would definitely recommend it as a good choice for most customers looking for a reliable retail scale that is going to be accurate and power up when you need it most.

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