Brecknell Price Computing Scale Overview

We’ll include the video version of this overview as well but today we wanted to take a quick look at the Brecknell PC-30 and PC-60 price computing scales. If you’re interested in a basic, no frills, simple to use, not many bells and whistles retail scale, then the PC series might be just what you’re looking for. This scale is really easy to use, accurate, reliable and features brand name quality.

We want to take a quick look at the Brecknell price computing scale which is available in two different capacities – thirty-pound or sixty-pound and this is what we would call our basic price computing scale which has the price computing function. It also displays weight in lb, kilogram or ounces. The scale features built-in rechargeable battery. Basic price computing function is pretty easy. Just place your item(s) on the scale and enter the price per pound that you want to charge your customer. The scale will then compute the total costs that your customer owes you.

PLU or Price Look Ups are an easy way to program popular items in your scale for quicker recall. Let’s say that you sell a lot of strawberries. You could program strawberries into your PLU number 1 button at $3.99 per pound. Now when someone brings a bucket of strawberries to the scale, place an empty bucket on the scale, press Tare and then press PLU button number 1.

One question that we are asked often is backlight display options. The Brecknell PC30 and PC60 have three different backlight choices. You can have the backlight display “auto” which basically means that the back-lite will display when something is added to the scale platter. You can turn the backlight off totally which will help to increase battery life. Or, you can have the backlight on all the time.

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