End of Summer at the Farmers Market

Now that the warm weather is starting to fade away and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, this is usually a good time to start planning how you’re going to store your digital scale during the “offseason”. This is assuming that you don’t sell in some of the winter markets that are becoming more popular. So, if you’re not going to be using your scale for awhile it’s a good time to plan how you’re going to store the scale.

Ideally, if you have the original box it is nice to store it in the original box with packing material. If you don’t have that, then try to find some kind of box that will allow you to safely store the scale so no damage gets done to it during the busy fall and winter months while you’re putting Thanksgiving decorations up and getting your Christmas decorations out of the attic. Be sure to include the AC Adapter and instruction book with your scale to make sure you have it when next season rolls around. You might want to contact your scale manufacturer and ask how they recommend you store your scale if you have an internal rechargeable battery.

Hopefully by planning ahead and keeping your scale in a safe place you will be ahead of the game in 2016. Of course, when spring rolls around we have a list of things we recommend for making sure your scale is working good for the upcoming market season.

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