Operating Instructions Overview For LPC-40L

Below is a brief overview of the operating instructions for the LPC-40L price computing scale.

The product price per pound is entered on the L-PC-40L scale by pressing the numbers of the keyboard to indicate the desired value. This value will appear in the “PRICE” indicator and the total amount to pay will be calculated automatically being shown in the “TOTAL” indicator. For example, if the product price per pound is $8.20, just press 8 2 0 and place item on scale platter. The LPC-40L scale then weighs your item and calculates the total dollar amount to be charged.

When a mistaken price is entered, you can clear it in two ways:
a) Manually: Simply press the clear key and enter the correct price.
b) Automatically: The price is automatically cleared removing the product from the plate, except
if it’s not enabled the fixed price function.

When it is necessary to constantly be weighing the same kind of product over and over and one does not change its price, you can use the “FIXED PRICE” function. It is used to keep the price “FIXED” in the “PRICE” indicator avoiding it to be automatically cleared when the weight is removed from the scale.

To fix a price, follow these steps:
1.- Place the product on the platter.
2.- Enter the product price per pound.
3.- Press P-PACK button.

After these steps, a small arrow will light up in the upper right corner of the “TOTAL” indicator, pointing to the label “P-PACK” (fixed price). To clear the fixed price function, just press the key.

When you wish to weigh a product in a container but you do not want to consider the containers weight during the operation, you can use the TARE function. To use this function follow these steps:

1.- Place the empty container on the scale.
2.- Press the Tare key. After some seconds the digital display will show 0.00
3.- Remove the container and put the item(s) inside it. When you remove the container, a
negative number (weight of the container) appears in the UPPER-LEFT indicator.
4.- Place the container on the scale and put in the items. Then enter the price per pound amount.

It is important to mention that this function is subtractive from the scale maximum capacity.
For example if you have a container that weights 7 lb, The scale will only be able to weight up to
33 lb of product to complete the maximum capacity.

1) Press the key RCL and then the memory address (00-99) you wish to load or just press any of
the (8) direct access keys.

If you wish to save $26.60 in the memory address 6, follow these steps:
1) Type 2 6 6 0.
2) Press STO button.
3) Type or just press the direct access key # 6.

With this sequence the price is saved in the memory address 06. If you wish to load the memory of this example just type RCL or just , and in the “PRICE” indicator will be displayed the price stored in memory, in this case will be $26.60. To change the price stored in a memory just type the new price and store it in the memory address you want to change following the procedure described above. These keys are very useful to avoid type the same price constantly. To use these memories we suggest to have at hand the product list that are saved in each memory address.

As mentioned before, the LPC-40L scale can operate with a 6 volt built in battery or with an AC/DC power supply. The battery is rechargeable using the AC/DC power supply.

To make this operation, just connect the AC/DC power supply to the scale for 10 HOURS  (or overnight)  making sure that the scale was turned off.  When you recharge the battery for several hours but the battery can not get enough charge to turn on the scale, then you must have to change the battery, in this case contact to your authorized distributor.

The charging capacity of the rechargeable battery in this scale decreases according to the number of charge/discharge cycles, this causes the service life to be reduced to 1000 cycles.  For these reasons the warranty period for the battery is limited to six months after the purchase date of the scale.

If the battery does not have enough energy to keep the scale operating a long time, a low battery message will appear flicking in the “PRICE” indicator “LO bAt”. This is the first warning signal indicating that it is necessary to recharge the battery.  Even with this signal, it is possible for the scale to keep on operating for a short period of time (30 minutes), but after a second warning signal appears “LO bAt” fix in the display, the scale stops itself and does not respond to the instructions until the battery is recharged or  connected to the AC adapter.

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