Detecto has been building Retail Scales for years

Whether you use the scale in your store or outdoors at your market, the Detecto PC-10, PC-20, or PC-30 are NTEP Approved price computing scales that offers an unbeatable package. Designed to offer all the functions your business needs, the Detecto series is a stylish business tool. Detecto is a scale manufacturing leader making everything from hanging scales to industrial floor scales.  Detecto’s “legal for trade” Price Computing Scales feature a brilliant red display that shows weight, unit price and total price simultaneously on each side of the scale to both operator and customer. Other features include 99 programmable preset prices which are retained in memory when power to the scale is turned off, an RS-232 serial port for connection to a label printer, and customized printing features including “Packed on” or “Sell by” dates.  The Detecto PC series is compatible with the P200 label printer.  The low profile, compact design is perfect for limited counter space in businesses like delis, meat shops, candy counters, cheese shops… where anything is sold by weight.

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