Dual Range Capacity Price Computing Scale

CAS S2000JR60L NTEP legal for trade 60 lb. price computing scale features AC and rechargeable battery power, serial port, LCD display and is ideal weighing choice for everything from fudge and chocolate shoppes selling candy by the pound to local farmers market produce stands selling vegetables and fruit by the price per pound.

The S-2000 JR scales feature a “dual range” capacity. This is a nice feature that means you get increased readability that you probably wouldn’t get on most other price computing scales. For example on a 60 pound capacity price computing scale from most other manufacturers, the scale will increment up/down from zero to 60 pounds in 0.02 lb increments. The 60 lb. S2000 JR displays weight from zero to 30 lbs in increments up/down in 0.01 lbs. Then from 30 to 60 lbs, the scale will increment up/down in 0.02 lb increments.  Add a DLP-50 label printer and you have an affordable price computing scale with label printer.

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