Digiweigh DWP-30PC Retail Scales

We recently received a new Digiweigh DWP-30PC price computing scale for review. We see all kinds of retail scales so anytime a new one comes out, we can’t wait to get our hands on it so see how it performs. The scale features a 30 pound capacity and calculates the price per pound of items you place on the scale platter. The DWP-60PC is also available which has a 60 pound weighing capacity.

Our honest assessment of the scale is below. The DWP-30PC scale arrived in a sturdy cardboard box with styrofoam packing inside. Setting up the scale was pretty easy. The LCD display is easy to read and is located on both the operators side and the customers side. The scale is NTEP legal for trade which is pretty much the standard when it comes to selling fruits, vegetables or candy by the pound. The scale operates on regular AC power and there is also a built in rechargeable battery.

The scale is fairly compact, so if you’re used to a large price computing scale like the Ohaus RE15US or the old CAS TP-1, this is going to appear very small to you. Overall the scale was fairly nice and we don’t really have anything negative to say except the manual seems a bit hard to read. But since everything comes from China these days, we almost always expect the manual to be a challenge.

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