Battery Powered Commercial Food Scales Are Great For Strawberries

There are many popular reasons to purchase a commercial scale for retail applications and one of the most popular reasons is to weigh strawberries by the pound. Did you know that North Carolina ranks fourth in the nation in strawberry production with approximately 1800 acres of strawberries harvested each year so there are a lot of folks placing a bucket of freshly picked berries on the platter of a scale at the farmers market.  People love strawberries because of their taste but they are also high in Vitamin C and A.

The great thing about picking berries at the farmers market is you get your berries direct from the farm. Pick your own farms are usually convenient for most consumers and you can normally expect to find at least one retail weighing scale at each of these locations.  Of course we’re biased but we always recommend buying or selling your strawberries by using a certified digital scale. We have seen some sellers who just fill up a pail but that can sometimes lead to giving a customer too much or not enough berries. That is the great thing about weight. A five pound bucket when placed on the scale should weigh five pounds, where as a full bucket of strawberries might vary depending on the size and quantity of berries placed in the container.

Of course not all of us have time to walk through the field picking berries all day. If that is the case for you, you can always go to a farm that offers picked berries or find a local farmers market.

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