Are You Looking For a Scale to Weigh Vegetables?

On this blog we often talk about digital scales that weigh items and calculate price per pound. Often though we don’t discuss what types of items you can weigh with one of these retail scales. Anytime that a potential customer searches for a scale to weigh vegetables hopefully they will click on this site. Virtually, any of the scales that we have featured on this site in the past would be good choices to weigh most any type of vegetable. The tricky part can be the vegetable size and weight. For example if you were weighing heavy vegetables or a larger quantity then you might need a price computing scale with both a larger weighing surface and/or a larger weighing capacity. If that were the case, the CAS EB scale series could be the right choice for you.

cas eb series price computing scale

The CAS EB Series bench scale style Price Computing Scale with large capacity features your choice of three capacities available, with a maximum capacity of up to 300 pounds. Large Platform of either 13.8″ x 15.75″ or 15.75″ x 20.75″ is great for bulk weighing. And, if you wish a printer can be added to produce crisp, clean receipts and labels with the optional DLP-50 Label Printer or DEP-50 Receipt Printer. This scale could be a great choice for you if you find yourself constantly placing large items or large quantities of items on your traditional counter top digital scale. Of course the CAS EB series is NTEP approved with Certificate of Conformance COC #09-095.

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