Low Cost Retail Scales

The title of this post says it all doesn’t it? Aren’t we all looking for low cost products?  It doesn’t have to be scales it can be anything from computers to software to sports equipment or watches. We all want to find great products at the lowest price possible.

There is nothing wrong with this idea. I do this all the time and in fact many times I will buy a product simply because it got good reviews and it is a few bucks cheaper than a similar product. But I was reminded this week that you have to be careful when you are dealing with cheap items (mostly from China).  Many times there is a reason why an item is cheaper.

In our business we deal with trade approved digital scales every day. Quite often we are asked for used retail scales. Of course they can be called other things like second hand or refurbished but basically this is code for hey, I’m looking for a super low cost set of digital scales, whatcha got?  Continue reading

Digiweigh DWP-30PC Retail Scales

We recently received a new Digiweigh DWP-30PC price computing scale for review. We see all kinds of retail scales so anytime a new one comes out, we can’t wait to get our hands on it so see how it performs. The scale features a 30 pound capacity and calculates the price per pound of items you place on the scale platter. The DWP-60PC is also available which has a 60 pound weighing capacity.

Our honest assessment of the scale is below. The DWP-30PC scale arrived in a sturdy cardboard box with styrofoam packing inside. Setting up the scale was pretty easy. The LCD display is easy to read and is located on both the operators side and the customers side. The scale is NTEP legal for trade which is pretty much the standard when it comes to selling fruits, vegetables or candy by the pound. The scale operates on regular AC power and there is also a built in rechargeable battery.

The scale is fairly compact, so if you’re used to a large price computing scale like the Ohaus RE15US or the old CAS TP-1, this is going to appear very small to you. Overall the scale was fairly nice and we don’t really have anything negative to say except the manual seems a bit hard to read. But since everything comes from China these days, we almost always expect the manual to be a challenge.

China Electronic Price Computing Scales

It is kind of fun to look through our different software programs that we use to see exactly what folks are searching for when they visit our site. We see many of the standard terms like price computing scales with printer and legal for trade price computing scales. But we also see a lot of other words and phrases that you might not necessarily think of with our site. As you know this site is completely centered around retail scales and specifically what are price computing scales used for.  Of course over the years we have gone over all kinds of subjects like what we think makes the best price computing scale and how to use these scales too. We’ve also showed you what some of the key features are when it comes to our wide selection of scales that calculate price per ounce. We have noticed a lot of people searching for price computing scales china and our hunch is that you might be looking to find one direct from China or perhaps something else. We highly recommend that you stay away from the really cheap scales that calculate price per pound. There are several reasons. First they are probably not going to be easy to use or easy to understand since the manual is probably going to be written in chinese or some type of hybrid chinese – english. Secondly and most importantly the scale is more than likely not going to be NTEP approved. We also call this legal for trade. If the scale isn’t NTEP legal for trade then you really shouldn’t use it in a commercial setting. In the majority of states, you need a NTEP legal for trade scale to use in a commercial setting and if you get caught using a non-ntep scale, the state inspector could shut you down until you get a certified scale.

What is the best farmers market scale?

As the title suggests this article is going to focus on one topic. What is the best farmers market scale? This can be a tough choice since there are many good choices in the market place. Often the same brands and models rise to the top year after year.

I decided to do some research and look at past sales and how reliable certain scales have been over the past year. After doing that, the conclusion that I have come to is simple. If you are looking for a durable product that is going to last you for many years, the ideal Continue reading

Affordable Price And Brand Name Durability

Can you buy a scale for weighing produce at the farmers market that is built tough and priced reasonably? The answer is yes and take a look at the CAS ER Jr legal for trade scale which is portable and includes a rechargeable battery which lasts up to 200 hours (without backlight) on a single charge. A low battery indicator lets you know when it is time for a charge. The ER Jr certified scale has a small footprint at 11.75 inches x 12.75 inches and will fit easily on counter tops, tables or any tight workspace. With best in class features and an economical cost, you can place multiple ER Jr price computing scales throughout your business to ensure customer satisfaction and maximum profitability. Additional standard features include lb/kg unit switching and three different methods to enter a tare weight: platter tare, keyboard tare, and programmable tare for a PLU. Continue reading

Selling fruits and vegetables by weight in Tennessee?

The article linked below gives you a general idea of what many states expect you to do regarding using certified legal for trade class III scales when it comes to selling produce at a farmers market or produce stand.  Generally, in most states anyone selling fruits and vegetables by weight to customers must use a state inspected legal for trade certified scale which has a certificate of conformance number.  Complying with the rules takes two steps.  First, the seller needs to purchase a NTEP approved legal for trade scale (our site can help you with that).  Then the legal for trade scale must be inspected and approved by your individual state.  See more info below. 

Scales must conform to National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) standards. Scales that comply with NTEP guidelines typically will be marked with the NTEP logo and the associated accuracy class which is normally “III” with produce scales. Scales marked “not legal for trade” are not acceptable for retail use in Tennessee. Scales must also comply with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Handbook 44 (H44) which mandates tolerances, specifications and other technical requirements for all weighing and measuring devices. Both NTEP and H44 requirements are national standards utilized by the vast majority of all states. See article

Price Per Ounce Scales

There aren’t too many better ways to cool off from the intense summer heat than to stop at the local frozen yogurt shop for a cup of ice cold frozen yogurt. Whether your frozen yogurt choice is vanilla or chocolate, or some kind of a combination of flavors or toppings, frozen yogurt is a great way to cool off and relax for a few minutes on a hot day. However, for frozen yogurt shop owners there are are some discrepancies when it comes to charging customers for the frozen yogurt. Do you charge customers a flat rate based on the size frozen yogurt they order? If so, how do you determine what a “small” yogurt contains? How much yogurt is in a “large” cup? You could be giving away product using this practice. Or, you could charge for your frozen yogurt by the ounce using a frozen yogurt scale. The fair way and most profitable way is to weigh the frozen yogurt cup and charge customers by the ounce for their frozen yogurt purchase. The customer then pays you a certain dollar amount per ounce. Continue reading

Retail Scales With Dual Range Capacity Can Make You More Profit On Each Transaction

Looking to make a little more money on each transaction at the farmers market or produce stand?   Then, take a look at our CAS S2000JR Price Computing scale with dual range capacity.   The dual range capacity of this legal for trade scale can make you a little extra cash on each transaction.  Lets see how.

In this case we will look at the traditional standard 30 x 0.01 lb scale versus the 0-15 x 0.005 lb / 15-30 lb x 0.01 lb dual range CAS Model.  We’ll weigh the same item and it will have the same price per pound.  See example below.


Standard ……………………………………… CAS S2000JR
0.01 scale……………………………………. 0.005 lb scale
$8.99 ……… Price Per Pound …………….. $8.99
0.90 lb …….. Weight registered ………….. 0.905 lb
$8.09 ….. Amount Your Customer Pays….. $8.14
Result:  5 cents extra on this transaction

Now, multiply your 5 cents by 100 transactions a day = $5
Finally, multiply your $5 gain per day times 365 days = $1825

With this example, you can easily see how a dual range scale can provide you with higher accuracy and put a lot more money in your pocket.

Ohaus Retail Scales Offer Brand Name Quality

Designed from the ground up as a portable retail scale with a small footprint and battery power, the RA combines a bright, backlit LCD display on front and back of the housing with a 7.9 X 11.4 inch stainless steel pan. The RA can be powered by 6 “D” cell batteries for up to 60 hours continuous use, or using the included AC powerpack. To conserve power the RA has a battery-saving low-power sleep feature. NTEP 3,000d certified, the RA offers 2 models in either 15 or 30 lb capacities. Great for use in farmer’s markets, delis, bakeries and other retail locations where space is a premium.

For use with larger packages or for use in delis, grocery and convenience stores, the OHAUS RE price computing scale features a large 9.5 x 13.5 inch weighing pan made from thick stainless steel to stand-up to years of use. Available in both a regular form factor as well as with a 16.7 inch tall column for the display, the RE line quickly displays weights on its large backlit LED display. All RE models can be powered by 6 “D” cell batteries for up to 60 hours continuous use with a easily visible battery status indicator, or using the included AC powerpack. To conserve power the RA has a battery-saving low-power sleep feature.  The RE is available in two 30 lb models – one with the column – as well as a 60 lb model without column. The Prepack Pricing mode is a key feature for stores who price-out larger runs of items, especially for smaller stores and delis.

American’s Need To Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

There is no question that we all need to eat healthier and frequent our local farmers markets and produce stands so we can consume fresh fruits and vegetables. The following paragraph is from the latest government dietary guidelines.

The call to action, ultimately, Americans make their own food and physical activity choices at the individual (and family) level. In order for Americans to make healthy choices, however, they need to have opportunities to purchase and consume healthy foods and engage in physical activity. One way to do this is to ensure that all Americans have access to nutritious foods. Research has demonstrated that some Americans lack access to affordable nutritious foods. This lack of access makes it a challenge for many Americans to consume a diet consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010. Thus, access may be Continue reading